Sometimes, people’s lives are missing the basic pieces needed for survival – family support, financial stability, affordable housing or job skills, to name a few – but with guidance and hard work, those missing pieces can be found – with your help. Here is just one example…

Elaine and her three children entered an Eaton County United Way partner agency last spring. On the surface, Elaine appeared to possess the essential pieces to achieve success, but she and her children had been terrorized and traumatized. She had a degree in business management, but had also lost several jobs due to interference from her assailant. Elaine and her children desperately needed housing, reliable transportation, and increased income for basic needs and to pay off education loans and other debts. Elaine needed help providing stability for her family. Eaton County United Way’s partner gave her the time and support she needed to help her family not only survive, but thrive.

Elaine’s story is just one of many successes in our community. Your donation today will provide funding for programs to help children be successful, help families achieve financial stability, and encourage healthy lifestyles.

Since our inception in 1939, Eaton County United Way has improved the lives of area residents by uniting people through collaboration with local partners to address the critical needs of our communities.

With your help, we can continue to make a difference!

You can be the one to help families put the pieces of their lives back together. Your United Way contribution brings lasting, positive change right where you live. Please give today.


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