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As Eaton County United Way prepares to kickoff its 2014 Campaign, we want to remind donors to designate back to their home county.  “For the more than 60% of our residents traveling out of Eaton County to work, it is important that they remember they can designate their United Way contribution back to Eaton County”, said Kent Coenen, Board President.

The reality is that service delivery is determined by residence, not where you give your United Way contribution.  In the life-altering event of a house fire, it would be the agencies our county like Housing Services Mid Michigan and EatonClothing & Furniture Center.

This year Eaton County United Way is embarking on a mission to remind our commuting residents that contributed to United Way through their workplace campaign, but did not designate their donation back to their home county, Live Here Give Here, designate your contributions back to your community. You do make a difference in helping Children and youth succeed, helping families achieve self sufficiency and supporting health lifestyles for all.

United Way helps provide lasting solutions to multiple problems facing our community by supporting partner agencies, linking the public with agency volunteer opportunities and projects, and Central Michigan 211.  When you invest in United Way, you are meeting the needs of your community.  And when needs are met…the quality of life is better for all of us.

So, remember when you’re filling out your United Way pledge form to designate where you live or Click to Give Now!

Donate to Eaton County United Way